is a unique executive development and support program that concentrates on three communications elements that impact a woman's power and influence in the workplace:

  • Content
    Analyzing individual and team based communications patterns that help or hinder effective communication.

  • Construction
    Helping current and emerging women executives increase their influence to lead through the "power of voice."

  • Context
    Designing strategies and practices to help women learn how to navigate the systems that could stifle or silence their voice.

Who can benefit from

VoiceLessons benefits both current and emerging women executives, as well as companies that seek to have inclusive workplaces that help to support and retain their women executives.

can help you:

  • Identify workplace practices and interactions that inhibit effective communication

  • Increase your influence to lead through the “power of voice”

  • Improve your credibility, effectiveness, and impact

For more information on the "power of voice" and executive women in the workplace, visit Gracenotes, the official blog of VoiceLessons'

gracenotes blog site

Check out "Speaking Out: Make Your Voice Heard" by David E. Leiva. Originally posted in the Capital Gazette, this article discusses women and their voice in the workplace, and is based on an interview with executive coach, Janis Sofia Glenn.

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“...words are a form of action, capable of influencing change.”
- Ingrid Bengis